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Person-centred planning for individuals, families and organisations

David and Jess provide a facilitated goal-setting technique called PATH. During a PATH session we ask questions about what is important to you, what your current situation is, and what a meaningful and fulfilling future for you might look like. Then, based on these things, we discuss what steps might be taken to work towards this vision. During this conversation Jess records the key ideas being expressed using a combination of words and illustrations on a large ‘PATH Chart.’

Who could benefit from a PATH session?

  • Anybody who might be feeling at a loss as to what to be aiming for in life or are looking for clarity of direction
  • Organisations or groups seeking to come up with a vision for themselves
  • People with disabilities and their families who are seeking a vision for their life that honours their unique capacities and ability to contribute to their community

What does a PATH session involve?

  • David and Jess will come to you at your home or organisation
  • A large piece of paper will be hung on a wall or a portable stand which will be used to record the session visually
  • For individuals or families the process takes about two hours
  • For organisations the time will depend on the number of participants, and can take up to a whole day
  • At the end of the session the participant(s) will be given the PATH chart to keep for themselves
  • Following the session David and Jess will provide a write-up of the PATH session to all participants

How much does a PATH session cost?

  • For Individuals or families, a 2-hour PATH session costs $600
  • For groups and organisations the price will be negotiated prior to the session based on the time required

When are David and Jess available for PATH sessions?

  • Currently Tuesdays during the day, weekday evenings (from 6pm) and some Saturdays.

How can I book a PATH session?

What is a 'PATH'?

PATH stands for Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope and is a person-centred planning tool created by Jack Pearpoint, Marsha Forrest, and John O’Brien, to assist in goal setting. David and Jess have found it a useful tool for working with individuals and organisations in slowing down conversations to discern options and clarify future possibilities.

Image of a sample arrow shaped PATH chart which includes sections labelled (and illustrated) now, enrol, blocks, keep strong, first steps, short term goals and future goals. Outside the arrow are headings for people, values, and visions.

About Us

David Taylor

Image of David Taylor, a male with short brown hair and a beard, standing in front of a bookcase

David Taylor is a trained counsellor and person-centred facilitator. He has experience working with at-risk young people in the foster care system as well as people with intellectual and/or physical disability. When David isn’t seeing clients for counselling or PATH sessions, he coordinates a group called the Inclusive Research Network which is comprised of people with and without intellectual disability who are seeking to increase the voice of people with intellectual disability within the research space.

David has an academic background in philosophy and psychotherapy. He loves bird-watching, fantasy novels, and bush-walking. His big passion is helping people to imagine what a meaningful life for them might look like.

Jessica Carroll Smith has always loved to draw. She loves mapping conversations and seeing connections and future options. She loves helping others flourish and get clarity. Jess is always concerned that after a lot of talking there are concrete next steps and actions to make visions into realities.

Jess brings her eclectic back story to the table – she has an honours degree in Human Geography, has worked in social research, Christian ministry and as an Operations Director in multiple organisations. She is a founder of the not-for-profit www.commongrace.org.au

Jessica Carroll Smith

Image of Jess Smith, a smiling female with brown hair