David Taylor

David Taylor counsellor

In his practice David seeks to create a space where the impact of our beliefs and doubts on our lived experience is honoured.

David is a trained counsellor with an academic background in philosophy. He draws on his philosophical training to interrogate the ways in which our way of understanding the world shapes our lives. 

While people come to David for all kinds of reasons, his area of special interest is the intersection of faith, doubt, and mental health. So often mental health practitioners can pathologise beliefs or ideas about the world that make us unhappy. This can be misguided. A rupture in a cherished belief system, the breakdown of a marriage founded on such beliefs, or a break with a faith community can make us feel like the world has been turned upside down. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche compared this loss to the horizon being wiped away with a sponge. 

While not looking to offer answers to life’s questions, David hopes to create a space, and provide some of the emotional and intellectual skills needed, to move forward. 

David holds a BA (Honours) and MA (Research) in philosophy from the University of Sydney as well as a Graduate Diploma in Counselling. He is provisional member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA, Reg. Provisional). 

Why 'Theoria'?

Theoria is the Greek word for contemplation and it is where we get the English word ‘theory’. This concept sums up my approach to counselling: reflecting on the thoughts and ideas that shape our life and taking them seriously as ideas and not simply ‘pathologies’ or ‘mental health issues’.