David Taylor

David Taylor

David is an experienced counsellor who provides respectful care for people in all kinds of life circumstances. He has a particular interest in providing counselling for people who are carers as well as people with a disability. David has been working with people with disability in both individual and group settings for many years, providing counselling, advocacy, and person-centred goal-setting. David is passionate about providing a context where people with disability can access therapy without the conversation focusing solely on their disability. This passion comes out of a deep belief that people with all kinds of ability have a right to a place where they can explore the hopes, dreams, and challenges that are shared by everyone.

David is also highly experienced in providing support for people in caring roles. Whether you have a family member who has a disability, are caring for a parent with dementia, or support someone close to you through a mental health challenge, David can bring his understanding of the unique challenges of the caring role to support you.

David also has a keen interest in supporting people who have been diagnosed with ADHD. This includes those who have been diagnosed later in life with ‘making sense’ of what their diagnosis might ‘mean’, as well as working on strategies to effectively utilise ADHD traits in pursuing their goals.

David holds a BA (Hons) and MA (Research) in Philosophy from the University of Sydney, a Graduate Diploma in Counselling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology, and a Masters in Narrative Therapy & Community Work from the University of Melbourne. David is a certified registered counsellor with PACFA.

Why 'Theoria'?

Theoria is the Greek word for contemplation and it is where we get the English word ‘theory’. This concept sums up my approach to counselling: reflecting on the thoughts and ideas that shape our life and taking them seriously and not simply ‘pathologies’ or ‘mental health issues’.